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Save interesting jobs

Save interesting jobs

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Be the first to know about new jobs

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Discover jobs that suit you

Discover jobs that suit you

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In the words of our users:


The vacancies of Spielwork immediately provide more clarity! More insight into the salary and the agenda is very pleasant. In addition, the simple way of applying appealed to me. This way you don't have to struggle with a motivation letter, but you write down in your own words why you like this position!

Peter Pontier
Accountmanager NEN Trainingen

Visual, clear and powerful without pompeus texts. That's the first thing I noticed when I saw the Spielwork vacancy. It gave me a clear insight into the position and even a feeling about the culture of the organization.

Account Strategist

Spielwork is a job platform which provides unique and personal information regarding the role and organization. With genuine communication that stimulated me to get to know eachother. I've been working for 4 months at Maxlead and all my expectations have come true. If you would ask me, the perfect platform for someone who's looking for a new challenge!

Marketing Manager

Finally: no more meaningless job descriptions. I really like the calendar and the video. They show me what a job has to offer to me.

Tax Adviser

I find Spielwork useful because it gives me a genuine picture of what a job entails. This means that you are much better informed than with a 'normal' vacancy.

Campaign Marketeer

Vacancies that show what a job is truly about and that go beyond hollow phrases such as 'dynamic' and 'hands on.'


Spielwork creates transparency in the job market. No vague endless job descriptions, but a clear display of what you can expect. This makes it easier to decide whether that interesting job is really the right one.


A Spielwork vacancy provides insight into the actual tasks and atmosphere on the work floor. This way I can apply better, more focused and with more motivation for the job.


I was really done with all the standard vacancies on traditional job boards. Spielwork shows me the exact information I want to know about a job. Consequently, you know precisely where you stand before you start writing a motivation letter.

Joey Wielkens

Compared to the mainstream, Spielwork vacancies are a breath of fresh air. Usually, standard vacancies annoy me and they rarely provide me with any insights. As a matter of fact, they scare me off beforehand.

Calvin Kahlé
Sales Manager

A significant numbers of vacancies use generic or even irrelevant information. The Spielwork vancancy is straight forward, honest and most of all efficient. I've been in this role for a several months now, therefore I can conclude from my own experience that the expectations provided by Spielwork were right.


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