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Vacancies that show what a job is really about and go further than phrases like 'dynamic' and 'hands-on'.
— Maartje Mellema

The Spielwork way

Research beforehand

We explore what the job and company are all about by talking to the recruiter and more importantly to the employee in the job.

Honest preview

We create the content to make sure you get a realistic preview of the requirements, terms, daily work and company culture.

Interesting job

Since your expectations of the job are realistic you have decreased the chance of becoming dissatisfied with your work.

We explore the companies for you.

We create the videos, photos and other content. Because we are neutral, you do not see any advertisement but the real job.

Stay up to date

Honesty is the best policy.

We only work with companies that are willing to be transparent. We will always show you the salary, working hours and daily work of the job.

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Discover what jobs are all about.

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