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Realistic, visual job openings

In the words of our users:

Marketing Manager

Finally: no more meaningless job descriptions. I really like the calendar and the video. They show me what a job has to offer to me.

Tax Adviser

I find Spielwork useful because it gives me a genuine picture of the job behind the vacancy. As a result, I can gather more thorough information than I could based on a traditional job description.

Campaign Marketeer

Vacancies that show what a job is truly about and that go beyond terms such as 'dynamic' and 'hands on.'


Spielwork creates transparency in the job market. No endless job descriptions, but a clear overview of what you can expect. This makes it easier to decide whether that interesting job is really the right one.


Spielwork provides insight into the actual tasks and atmosphere on the work floor. As a result, applying for jobs becomes easier and more targeted, and my motivation increases.


I was really done with all the standard vacancies on traditional job boards. Spielwork shows me the exact job information I require. Consequently, you know precisely where you stand before you start writing a cover letter.

Joey Wielkens

Compared to the mainstream, Spielwork vacancies are a breath of fresh air. Usually, standard vacancies annoy me to no end, and they rarely provide me with any insights. As a matter of fact, they scare me off beforehand.

The Spielwork way

Research in advance

First, we explore what the job and the company are all about by talking to the recruiter and – more importantly – the employee holding the position in question.

Realistic vacancy

We create the content to ensure it provides a realistic picture of the requirements, terms, daily work, and company culture.

Interesting job

Since your expectations of the job are realistic, there’s a decreased chance that you’ll become dissatisfied with your new position.

We visit and explore companies for you.

We create the videos, photos, and other content. As we are neutral, you won’t see a sales pitch. We’ll give you a realistic job preview.

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Honesty is the best policy.

We only work with companies that are willing to be transparent. We always show you the salary, working hours, and work week schedule.

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