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Spielwork is a full service company for hiring. We help companies to attract and retain talent that fits with the job and organization.

Why our clients work with Spielwork

The quality of our hires has increased. Spielwork creates realistic job previews to attract candidates who know what they are applying for and are a great fit.

HR Manager at Vopak

We have taken on five employees from a vacancy through Spielwork. We love the authentic content and also use it for our website and social channels.

Director Talent Acquisition at Meltwater

How job vacancies are created

Creative allrounder that thinks up dynamic solutions like a five-legged sheep.

The nicest coffee and amazing Friday drinks with the best colleagues.

Too much text

Traditional vacancies are textual. You will not attract the right candidates with text; and certainly not those from the Y and Z generation.

Too generic

Vague terms like ‘dynamic’ and ‘hands-on’ make it even more difficult for jobseekers to understand the contents of the job.

Sales talk

The quality of the candidates matters, not the quantity. Sales pitches can attract many, but not suitable candidates.

How Spielwork makes vacancies

We make all the content

Our editorial team talks to an employee in the job. That way we get realistic insights into the job. Apart from the texts, we also take photos and make videos.

Only the requirements

We show a maximum of five requirements, and never ‘nice to haves’. Then the candidate knows when it’s worth applying for the job. This saves you a lot of time.

The daily work

With a pie chart, practical example and a calendar of the week we give the candidate a concrete idea of the daily work. This increases the chance of a good match.

Company culture

To show the atmosphere on the work floor, we take photos and make a video per location. You can use this content on your own website and social channels.

We reach passive candidates with targeted online marketing

We can increase awareness for your jobs and ‘employer brand’ with online marketing campaigns. By ‘hypertargeting’ we reach suitable candidates with relevant content on the websites and social channels that they are active on.

The result

Sustainable match

Extensive research on 'realistic job previews' shows that realistic vacancies ensure a sustainable match because employees are better informed about what to expect in the job.

Efficient application procedure

Expectation management ensures you speak to applicants who really know what they are applying for. More depth in the process evolves and you only speak to motivated candidates.

Transparent employer brand

Jobseekers who know Spielwork, also know that we only work with companies who dare to be honest about their jobs and company culture. This creates a transparent employer brand.

I am excited! Now what?

You become a client

As far as we are concerned that can be done today. We send you a five-page contract. As soon as it is signed, we can start planning a date for the photos and video.

Planning photo and video day

We need one day to shoot the photos and video for a location. Most clients start with one or two locations. If these are nearby we can shoot the footage in one day.

Call with our editors

To write the texts, one of our editors phones an employee on the job. When the general content is ready, a new vacancy can be placed online within a day.

Creating the vacancy

Using the employee’s input, we write all the texts and add the photos and videos. We also make the pie chart, calendar and other visual elements.

Feedback from you

We send the vacancies to you for a final check. When all the texts have been reviewed and an agreement has been reached, the vacancies are placed online.

Finding talent that suits you

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More information about Spielwork

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