Working at TILLEN

Our vacancies are exclusively aimed at candidates who wish to join us directly without involvement from staffing agencies and recruiters. We do not engage with freelancers either; acquisition based on these advertisements is not appreciated.

TILLEN was founded in 2007 by three enthusiastic engineers with a passion for heavy constructions and lifting equipment. The company designs and delivers customized solutions for the safe and efficient handling of heavy constructions, such as those for wind farms, contributing to the energy transition. The team comprises experts in mechanical engineering and structural engineering. By pooling these skills, tailored solutions are created, manufactured, and implemented for handling heavy and unwieldy loads. The expertise extends beyond heavy lifting, serving various markets. Designs range from specialized equipment to supporting structures and other handling devices with diverse applications. In addition to engineering, an increasing part of our activities involves manufacturing our designs, ultimately delivering complete solutions to customers. This process includes visiting the manufacturing workshop, devising and conducting tests, and participating in the final acceptance by the customer.

In addition to vacancies for Sales Engineers, Project Managers, and Structural Engineers, we are always looking for CAD Engineers, Design Engineers, and Project Managers. Please send your application to

You should not work at TILLEN if you expect everything to be predetermined. You should come to TILLEN if you want ample opportunity for personal input, rapid learning, and the ability to contribute to the company's growth and development.

Ivo van Donselaar
Ivo van Donselaar
  • Office in De Meern
  • 25% / 75%
  • Average age 34 years
  • 21 employees employed
  • Casual
  • Work-from-home options: one/two days at home, the rest in the office

Growth possibilities at this organisation

There is no rigid format for your career path. Depending on your ambitions, experience, and needs within the company, you can develop yourself in various directions. TILLEN is rapidly growing, and we want our colleagues to benefit from this growth and grow with us. To support this, we allocate budget and time so that everyone can flourish in a challenging environment where they can thrive best.

Why work at TILLEN

Design Engineer

After completing my internship, I decided to stay on. The assignments are very diverse, so you never design the same thing for long. It's a smaller company, which means you have more direct contact with colleagues.

Cita Pols
Cita Pols
Office Manager

The Offshore sector is completely new to me, as is the role itself. I see it as a new challenge and look forward to joining a welcoming environment with great colleagues.

Sr. Design Engineer at Design Department

This is a company where I could work again with former colleagues, with a great team spirit, openness to new ideas, and a wider variety of engineering challenges that would help me grow professionally.

Ricardo Besselsen
Ricardo Besselsen
Project Manager

Based on previous collaborations, I have had the opportunity to get to know Tillen's team. The expertise and camaraderie within the team were decisive factors in my decision to join here.

Medior Design Engineer

I was looking for an engineering company with real specialists where I could further develop myself. With so much knowledge on the floor at Tillen, the choice to join Tillen was a no-brainer for me.

Jobs at TILLEN

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What is our biggest challenge?

Our greatest challenge is continuously adjusting our work schedule to accommodate ad-hoc requests while maintaining quality and meeting deadlines in a rapidly changing market. This demands precise planning and efficient organization to meet our customers' expectations. We are committed to delivering high-quality services even under challenging and unpredictable circumstances.

‘Maintaining quality and meeting deadlines in a changing market.’