Inspector (in training)

Inspector (in training)

Hendrik Veder Group Rotterdam

What is required?

  • MBO level 3/4 working and thinking level
  • 0-2 years of relevant work experience
  • You are computer-savvy, eager to learn and can work independently
  • You are willing to work at different locations at home and abroad
  • Good command of the Dutch and English language, both verbally and in writing

What will you get?

  • €2,445 - €2,750 gross per month (depending on knowledge and experience)
  • 40-hour working week
  • 27 vacation + 13 ADV days based on full-time
  • Career and training opportunities; possibility to obtain certificates
  • Company mobile phone and laptop

What will you do?

  • 30% Conducting inspections at local sites
  • 30% Traveling abroad for inspections at international sites
  • 20% Performing load tests
  • 20% Managing documentation and recording details in the TESSA app

This vacancy has been created based on interviews with employees to help you get a realistic preview of the job.

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As an Inspector at Hendrik Veder Group, your are responsible for ensuring that lifting and towing materials such as chains, steel cables and shackles continue to meet stringent safety and quality standards. Throughout your week, you visit various locations, inspecting materials on customer sites, aboard ships, and at Hendrik Veder's own workshop facilities. Your expertise helps determine whether these materials can safely be reused in operational environments. Each day concludes with receiving your schedule for the following day, which details your upcoming tasks and locations. This planning allows you to prepare adequately for the inspections you will conduct, which vary from local sites across the Netherlands to assignments abroad.

During your inspections, you thoroughly assess each item, checking for wear, damage, and overall integrity. Additionally, you conduct specialized load tests on shipboard cranes and gangways using water bags to ensure their operational safety. You input all relevant data into the TESSA app, documenting the condition and specifics of the materials you examine. This not only serves to maintain accurate and current records but also ensures compliance with all current safety standards. Your detailed reports are essential for clients and your company to make informed decisions about the continued use or replacement of the equipment. Your role is crucial in maintaining the safety and reliability of operations, directly impacting the operational success and safety protocols of Hendrik Veder Group and its clients.

You will be part of the Solution team that includes around twenty professionals. The team environment fosters both individual and collaborative efforts, with opportunities to work solo or in groups depending on the scale of the inspection. Regular interactions with experienced inspectors enhance your learning and proficiency, preparing you for a range of challenges in diverse settings. This team structure ensures a comprehensive support system that is essential for your professional development and the effective execution of your responsibilities.

If you enjoy working with your hands in a diverse team and find it challenging to complete tasks on time at various locations, then this is the job for you.

Working week

Inspector (in training)

On an enjoyable day, you inspect materials on board, sort them, and if something is defective, you suggest better options to the client. You love spending several days on site, deeply involved in your work.

On a less enjoyable day, you face challenges onboard a ship with limited crew cooperation and complaints about rejecting long-used materials.

  • 06:00
  • 07:00
  • 08:00
  • 09:00
  • 10:00
  • 11:00
  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
  • 15:00
  • 16:00
  • 17:00
  • 18:00
  • 19:00
  • 20:00
    • Reviewing the day’s tasks and preparing materials
    • Travelling to a customer site in Rotterdam
    • Performing inspections on board of a ship
    • Lunch
    • Travelling back home
    • Completing inspection documentation in TESSA
    • Reviewing the day’s tasks and preparing materials
    • Travelling to a shipyard in Amsterdam
    • Performing inspections in the shipyard
    • Lunch
    • Performing inspections in the shipyard
    • Travelling back home
    • Reviewing the day’s tasks and preparing materials
    • Performing inspections on board of a ship
    • Lunch
    • Completing inspection documentation in TESSA
    • Flying back to the Netherlands
    • Reviewing the day’s tasks and preparing materials
    • Performing inspections in the Hendrik Veder Group workshop
    • Performing inspections in the Hendrik Veder Group workshop
    • Travelling back home
    • Travelling to the Hendrik Veder Group workshop in Rotterdam
    • Completing inspection documentation in TESSA

Firsthand experience

You are aboard a ship docked for a few days for provisioning and crew change, conducting inspections on lifting equipment. However, you find that certain materials no longer meet safety standards and must be rejected. What do you do?

As an Inspector, your primary role is to ensure safety. When materials fail the inspection, you clearly communicate the reasons for rejection, emphasizing the associated safety risks. You inform the crew that your priority is their safety and operational integrity. Additionally, you advise on alternative materials that are more durable or suitable for the specific maritime environment, addressing any concerns about your motives by affirming your commitment to safety, not sales.

In situations where there is resistance from the crew, suspecting that rejection is motivated by sales interests, it’s important to maintain your professionalism and independence. You explain that the decision to replace materials is based purely on safety considerations. If asked, you can suggest potential suppliers but remain neutral, reinforcing your role as a trusted and knowledgeable safety advisor.


A training program has been devised to become an Inspector. Mandatory courses and also optional training are part of this. You will get the chance to grow and develop by learning-on-the-job and by external (on-line)training. We also promote our teammembers to change jobs within the company and stimulate international exchanges.

Inspector (in training)

Working at Hendrik Veder Group

Hendrik Veder Group, established in 1800 and based in the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom, specializes in steel wire and fibre rope solutions for the offshore and maritime industries. The company offers a wide range of products, including heavy lift slings and grommets, alongside services like spooling and equipment reconditioning. With a strong European presence and global distribution, Hendrik Veder Group ensures rapid response times and multilingual communication.

Committed to quality and safety, the company continuously improves its products and processes to adapt to the dynamic marketplace. Training and partnership are central to its operations, aiming to exceed customer expectations. For those interested in careers at a firm that blends historical legacy with innovative practices, Hendrik Veder provides a unique and rewarding environment.

Hendrik Veder Group's ambition is to make the offshore and maritime sectors more sustainable. They work alongside their forward-thinking clients to achieve sustainability through innovation. The result is new, cost-effective solutions based on inventory management, maintenance and a circulal approach to raw materials. At Hendrik Veder Group, sustainability and savings go hand in hand.

  • HQ in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Active in The Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom
  • 15% / 85%
  • Average age is 35 years old
  • 90 employees in the Netherlands
  • 145 employees worldwide
  • Work from home on occasions after approval of your Manager


Derkjan (57) - Sales Manager Manufacturing & Solutions

Why did you decide to work for this company?
Hendrik Veder Group is a classic Dutch company well known in the maritime world. It's exciting to be part of large projects, mainly offshore.

What was your previous job?
Branch Manager MME Group

What do you do in your spare time?
Water sports

Jolieke (32) - Inside Sales Account Manager

Why did you decide to work for this company?
I previously worked for Van der Lee Rope Factory, which was acquired by Hendrik Veder Group a few years ago. Due to the longer commute, I hesitated about staying, but after a few weeks, I built a great relationship with my new colleagues and realized this was the right place for me. It's an environment where hard work is valued, communication is direct, and there's also room for humor.

What was your previous job?
Sales - Van der Lee Rope Factory

What do you do in your spare time?
Playing tennis, being a mom

Sidney (51) - Account Manager

Why did you decide to work for this company?
Hendrik Veder is a company that supplies and manufactures materials for the maritime industry. I've been active in the maritime sector for years and was searching for a company that doesn't just sell services but also provides tangible products and materials, often the size of trucks or even larger. That fascinates me. I enjoy being able to supply these types of materials. At Hendrik Veder Group, we're closely connected to the customer and the product, so it's not just a regular office job. You're involved with the company and the product, which gives you a good understanding of what you're working with. The team is excellent, and I have a strong connection with the people who work here. I sensed that during the initial interviews, and it turned out to be true.

What was your previous job?
Account Manager at Royal IHC

What do you do in your spare time?
Being outdoors a lot: hiking, skiing, and spending time on and around the water

Esther (53) - Financial Director

Why did you decide to work for this company?
In my previous job, I worked for a large company with its finance department based in the USA. Advancing my career in the Netherlands wasn't an option. Hendrik Veder Group is also an international company but smaller in scale, which allows me to be involved in all business processes across various entities. I love that I can contribute to the company's development in growth, sustainability, and IT.

What was your previous job?
Project Controller and Fixed Asset Coordinator EMEA

What do you do in your spare time?
(Road) cycling, hiking, and playing the piano

Tom (24) - Finance Assistant in the Finance Department

Why did you decide to work for this company?
While studying, I was looking for a job to fill my free time and found an administrative role that would complement my studies well. I found Hendrik Veder Group to be the ideal employer to balance both because they provided the flexibility I needed for my studies. After the initial interview, it was clear that it was a good match, and within two weeks, I had started working here.

What was your previous job?

What do you do in your spare time?
Padel, fitness, running, soccer

Application process

Initial interview by phone with HR Manager
Interview first round with Hiring Manager and HR
Interview second round with members of the Sales team
Employment offer within two days after last interview

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