Working at Meltwater

Meltwater was founded in Oslo in 2001. It has 55 offices and more than 28,000 customers worldwide. The company, which specializes in monitoring and analyzing online and social media, is an international market leader in the field of ‘media intelligence'. The Amsterdam branch has 40 employees.

  • HQ in San Francisco
  • Active worldwide
  • 50% / 50%
  • Average age 27
  • 40 employees in NL
  • 1500 employees worldwide

Why work at Meltwater

Lisanne Neumann
Lisanne Neumann
Client Success Representative at Client Succes

Before Meltwater, I had mainly worked in corporate offices. After that, I was primarily looking for a young, international (SaaS) company where innovation is put first. Meltwater was a perfect fit in this regard.

Ann-Sophie van Camp
Ann-Sophie van Camp
Growth Executive

Before this, I worked at an international media agency in Brussels. Soon, I discovered that my passion lies in all things digital rather than traditional media. Combine this search with a strong culture, inspiring people, lots of energy, great career opportunities, and a daily portion of fun – and there you have it, on top of that list: Meltwater.

Henk Kooij
Henk Kooij
Key Account Manager Benelux

Before this, I worked as a consultant for 2 years, visiting many customers for strategic projects in the field of innovation and technology. At Meltwater, I also got the opportunity to do this, and, in addition, to be responsible for commercial appointments. This makes the job very versatile and interesting: you literally visit all kinds of organizations, such as multinationals, banks, NGOs, et cetera. This variety gives a lot of energy!

Anouk Lambers
Anouk Lambers
Sales Consultant

I had heard many good stories about Meltwater. When I came into the office, it immediately felt like coming home. Working hard and having fun go hand in hand at Meltwater. There is a culture that you will not find anywhere else. Everyone is important and makes impact. The perfect fit for me.

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What is our biggest challenge?

The amount of digital information that individuals and companies leave behind is growing exponentially. As a result, the way in which companies make decisions is changing – these are increasingly based on external data. To help customers in this endeavor, Meltwater introduced ‘Outside Insights.’ This method goes beyond the monitoring of classic media by using different types of external data. Meltwater also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, identifying trends in real-time. This fits Meltwater’s challenge to constantly find ways to respond to new forms of data, trends, and software in an ever-changing and growing sector.

‘Help customers respond better to the growing amount of data.’