Working at Fixico

Fixico is an online platform for car damage repair located in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. As a tech company they want to redefine the car damage industry. Through Fixico, private car owners and business partners, such as leasing companies and insurance companies, can easily find a suitable repair company and reduce repair costs. The platform connects demand and supply in the car damage repair field in an innovative way. Fixico was founded in 2014, and has since grown to a company consisting of 60 employees, where more than 150.000 damage cases have been resolved.

  • HQ in Amsterdam
  • Active in four countries
  • 30 % / 70 %
  • Average age 28
  • 61 employees in the Netherlands

Growth possibilities at this company

Every employee who works at Fixico has a personal development plan. In addition, it is possible to participate in internal courses. There are many possibilities to grow at Fixico on a professional level.

Why work at Fixico

Luca Samori
Luca Samori

After several years of working in management consultancy and at multinationals, I was ready for a new challenge. A place where I would be challenged both strategically and commercially and where I could make a difference. I have found this at Fixico and am able to combine it with my passion for technology and innovation in combination with my knowledge of the mobility, automotive and fintech industries.

Yorrian Mathot
Yorrian Mathot
People and culture manager

Four years ago, I searched for a part-time job alongside my studies and very coincidentally I landed on Fixico’s website. As Fixico’s first employee, Mark and Derk gave me the opportunity to perform different tasks within the company and allowed me to give my own twist to it. The trust, flexibility and enjoyment that I still experience on a daily basis, resulted in the fact that I carried on working for Fixico on a fulltime basis after my studies.

Marie-Caroline Blickman
Marie-Caroline Blickman
People and culture manager

I found Fixico through personal contacts and started working there, as it seemed an amazing adventure. It is extremely fun to experience the growth of a company so close by.

No job openings at Fixico

There are currently no job openings at this company. You can leave your email address to stay up to date of the latest job openings.

What is our biggest challenge?

At the moment, our biggest challenge is keeping up with our rapid growth in entering new markets. This means finding the right creative solutions and people in a short period of time.

‘Finding the right creative solutions and people in a short period of time’