Working at ADM

For more than a century, ADM employees have processed crops into products that serve the vital needs of a growing world. ADM is one of the largest agricultural processors and food ingrediens providers. They work with more than 40,000 employees worldwide to serve customers in nearly 200 countries.

ADM Europoort processes agricultural crops, such as soybeans and rapeseed. They turn this into various products for the food and feed industry. More than 315 people work at ADM Europoort in a bulk terminal, crushing plant, refinery and laboratory.

  • Europoort-Rotterdam
  • Active in nearly 200 countries
  • 15% / 85%
  • Average age 45
  • 500 employees in the Netherlands
  • 40.000 employees worldwide

Growth possibilities at this company

ADM believes it is important that you keep developing yourself. This is possible through education / training, but also through 'training on the job'. You are at the helm of your own (personal) development.

Why work at ADM

Melyin Vargas
Melyin Vargas
Logistics Coordinator - Oil logistics department

ADM gave me the opportunity to develop and challenge myself in many areas and it was close to home.

Manon Otte
Manon Otte
HR Advisor

First ADM has offered me a completely different work environment regarding HR challenges and a bigger HR team compared to my formed job. I was able to develop myself further. Second it is nearby my house and family. This had a positive impact on my work-private life balance.

Gregoire Dhellin
Gregoire Dhellin
Commercial Trainee

Working for an international company offers you many benefits. It allows you to experience what it is like to work for a big company. Opportunities to work abroad and to learn new skills. They offer different trainee programs for young graduates.

Jobs at ADM

What is our biggest challenge?

ADM plays a unique and powerful role in the world’s evolving food and nutrition needs, and our new purpose statement is meant to showcase that role. At ADM, we unlock the power of nature to enrich the quality of life. Or even more simply stated, we are focused on “unlocking nature and enriching life”.

‘Continue to play an important role in the evolving food and nutrition needs of the world.’